What We Do:

-Alzheimer’s Disease-
-Lou Gehrig’s Disease ALS-
-Hepatitis B & C-
-Brain Injury / Stroke-
-Cardiovascular Disease-
-Drug and Alcohol Addiction-
-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-
-Developmental Delay-
-Gastrointestinal Disorders-
-Parkinson’s Disease-
-Hormonal Replacement-
-Weight Loss-
-Multiple Sclerosis-
-Environmental Illness-
-Mold Toxicity-
-Food Sensitivities-
-Lyme Disease-
-Macular Degeneration-

New Health Horizons and Wellness Centers Int., Inc.   6175 NW 153rd St Suite #225 Miami Lakes, FL  33014

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Who we are:

Dr Frank P. Gudicello, MD

Comprehensive Addiction Support Specialist

Detox and Regeneration Expertise

Catherine Hensley

Health and Wellness Specialist